Annwvyn 0.1 is out, I gess.

So, I made a lot of changes on a lot of things inside the engine, and I'm planning to focus more on making it actually usable for writing actuall games. It's going there but it needs more work. I have to think about what I'm going to do in a few weeks. I'll try to blog about it here, but for now, lets talk about the good stuf:

The link on the download page for the SDK points to the latest SDK installer, as allways. I'm currently updating the dependency packages.

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One college year later

Hi everyone,
I'm taking some time to write here now, I have finished my academic year and I'm currently in summer break.

Even if I havent writen about it here (time is expensive :-D), the developement of Annwvyn has progressed througout the last mounths.

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New school year! \o/

Hi everyone,
The sumer break has ended a mounth ago now. I'm still in engineering school and I still have a "technical&scientific project" to do. And it's, of course, VR releated, and will use Annwvyn.

I'm working on developpement tools for Annwvyn to simplify my life, but it's not the subject of this arcicle.

I've recently do some code cleaning inside the AnnEngine class, so it will be easier to maintain

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News and updates regarding OculusVR's SDK

The Oculus Rift DK2 (Developement Kit 2) is out now. I don't have mine yet (it's on the way, preordered 2nd day at 3 am, too late to be in the very first unit shipped sadly...)

Annwvyn will be compatible with DK2 as soon as it's possible, but now the SDK is a uge mess.

We have 2 versions :

  • 0.3.2, cross platform, but buggy. Need to be patched to work with Ogre (used as an OpenGL graphical render for Annwvyn)
  • 0.4.0 Windows only, untested yet. Need to install a runtime an apparently still buggy

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Developement Point

Hi guys,
It's been a long time since I havent write a blog here.

I have a lot of work for my school, but I was still working on Annwvyn.

Annwvyn .map format

I needed to describe environement with external file. That flexibility allowed us to work on a VR visit of my school more efficiently. It's simple text files describing objects one by one.

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